Small Step for Mankind

For the future to take root, first, you have to plant a seed.


When a seed is buried on the earth, it may sound it’s the death of it. In reality, this is our hope for the future. Eventually, it will take root, grows to maturity, blossoms and provides nourishment not just for me but other living things.


As the child grows and starts taking her baby steps exploring the world, the people who love and care for her will ensure that she will become an outstanding human being and make significant contributions to humanity.


As we pass the time, let us remember that we are finite beings. Let us leave the world a better place as we found it. The future starts with us.


There may be some leaders or countries that are FNATIC, let this not deter you from doing good. Let us pool all our useful resources for there is safety in numbers.


We all have our inner light to shine the path of someone living in the dark. Like the moon, it’s luminosity comes from the sun. The sun shines to poor or rich, young or old, simple or genius.

Joni and Grace

If none of this works, save a life, even it’s just a kitty.

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