People, People Who Need People

I would like to think that Vancouver, BC, Canada is the capital of British Columbia since this is the city with the major airport hub for international flights. Also, in 2010, the Olympics was held here.

Nike Ancient Greek Goddess of Victory, Vancouver, Canada

This larger than life sculpture was given by the City of Ancient Greek Olympia, Greece, site of the original Olympic Games and source of the Olympic flame, to commemorate the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games to the City of Vancouver, The Ancient Greek Goddess of Victory.

But, I was the only one here admiring the statue.

Tin Soldier, New Westminster, BC Canada

New Westminster was once the capital of British Columbia and was renamed from Queensboro to New Westminster by Queen Victoria in 1859. It was a bustling port western Canada’s oldest city was the mercantile centre and the transportation hub on the mainland during and after the FRASER RIVER and CARIBOO gold rushes, (Canadian Encyclopedia). Over-populated at the time, 1500, due to business boom on salmon canning, lumber, gold rush, railway links, the centre of administration and service headquarters.

I saw one person walking past The World’s Tallest Tin Soldier.

Parliament, Victoria, BC Canada

On July 21, 1871, Victoria Island was discovered more accessible by water; thus, the capital was moved on this island until today. An iconic statue of Queen Victoria stands at the front of the Parliament building. Queen Victoria rules! But not anymore. Canada has no more extended ties with the royal family even though Harry, Meghan and Archie were spotted on this island.

Parliament, Victoria BC Canada

It’s a bit out of our way for us mainlanders to visit the island. When we do, we make sure we bring our umbrellas. It often rains here on the island.

Interesting to see a handful of peeps on this picture.

Bathroom Stall, New Westminster, BC Canada

I tell you this much, the Capital of the city is where the bathrooms are! This is one busy place at New Westminster Quay.

10 thoughts on “People, People Who Need People

  1. A terrific choice Perpetua. I loved the image with the 3 colorful umbrellas, and laughed out loud at the dog and fire hydrant! As for royalty, I hear Meghan and Archie have bought a home on Kitsalana and will soon be your neighbors if they aren’t already!

    • Oh, those three girls I travelled with who are the weird ones that I posted before. Isn’t that dog and the hydrant so hilarious in the female washroom? As for the new migrants from U.K., I am sure I will stumble upon them on my walks along that area and we Vancourites will give them plenty of space.

      • After the mass outcry from us to leave them alone since they gave up their titles to be commoners like us. Canadians believe in equality. We have do not pay attention to the rich and famous. The news media stopped ‘talking’ about them and paparazzi will be sued. Ah sweet silence. Now we are focused in Trumo. 😳

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