“How long should an engagement last?”

Will you marry me

With a ring, she went down on her knees and proposed to her. A happy ending, she accepted! Start of an engagement.

Ask me a question, and I will answer accordingly.

In social media, Aleteia started its post by raising this question: “How long should an engagement last?”

It sounds rhetoric to me. I am more interested in the question rather than read the article of Aleteia.

Don’t understand the concept of engagement. It’s either you do or do not get married. Skip engagement. I commented.

When it comes to commenting, I don’t read other’s opinion nor ride on their thread. But one person did read my comment, replied to me and rode on my thread.

Joseph Madere Quote UnQuote, as the article mentions, “It’s a necessary time of deepening the relationship and preparing for a committed life together. The engaged couple allows themselves time to begin to share all aspects of their lives: friendships, family, culture, faith, hobbies, and church life. They won’t be marrying a “stranger.”

The problem is people call themselves catholic and get engaged, yet fornicate outside of marriage and stretch engagements too long because the “act” of marriage is already being obtained.

Stick to the question, Joseph Madere. I thought and responded to what I think he was focusing on.

Quote UnQuote Joseph Madere your statement about the problem calling themselves catholic sounds like you have a problem with Catholics.

Words on Fire I tell you when dogma and mandate of the church are fueling it. You may read it here how I indulge him and see where it took me.

I noticed that some of his comments are hidden, which is interesting to know how it came about.

It was somewhat comical when he introduced a GIF of Bart Simpson putting a cake “At least you tried” into the trash can. Is Bart a catholic?

Since he put it this way, I responded in prayers for him. That is what Catholics do. We pray for one another.

‘Let the one among you who is guiltless be the first to throw a stone at her.’



2 thoughts on ““How long should an engagement last?”

  1. Oh, let me agree with your comment on engagement so very wholeheartedly!! What’s the point? So they won’t marry a stranger? Yet, they proposed to one? Makes no sense to me, either. And I’m Catholic, too. Let us pray.

    • Thank you, Lois. The thing is dating is part of getting to know one another, friends, family, faith and culture. This takes years. None of my siblings did not get engage, no such thing as engagement ring. Then discussed marriage, attended marriage prep and got married. They were committed to their vows 4 decades or longer, Love to pray with you. Thank you.

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