My Point of View

When it comes to the window, I have two points of view:

  1. The actual window and the virtual Window 7
  2. Am I looking in or looking out.

As it turned out, when I opened my computer, a message popped that Window 7 is no longer supported and I can still use it. No problem. See how long I would last until I encounter a problem then switch to the newest version.  Whew, glad to get this off my chest!

Secondly, I tend to look in at a window since I spend most of my time outside with my iPhone on hand to take pictures. Looking into a window seems that I am invading the privacy of the residence. Not my intention. How can I not take a shot of what’s on the window when I am surprised by joy on what I see? The shots I take are the window to my soul.

Looking In:


Looking out:

Besides, I hardly look outside the window when I am out and about.

4 thoughts on “My Point of View

  1. Hi Perpetua. Enjoyed your take on this one. Feel your pain on the online windows release. I am working thru a similar issue on my Mac. SIGH, why do they torture us so!??! Anyway, loved your post.

    • Happy New Year, Tina. Thanks. Torture it is. Not just Windows, WordPress, too. In WordPress, I can’t use my iPad because of old IOS version. The pain slows down my blogging.

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