None the Wiser

A joke is going on around my family that Three Wise Women entered into the scene at Epiphany. I knew that way back in 2017. I happened to meet them in London at Christmas. I have their photo to show for.

3 wise women

Being its Epiphany today, I sent a group message to my family, wishing them “Happy Three Kings” from the “Three Wise Women.”

From my sister quickly responded that The Wise Women took care of the needs of Mother Mary bringing diapers, wipes and vaseline.

Very wise, indeed.

From a Jesuit priest, he told a story us a story from Mary Hoffman’s children’s book “Three Wise Women.”

In the book, the three women are introduced one at a time.

“In the west the sky was bright with stars as a young woman stayed up late, baking bread….”

“Way down in the south, where countries are hotter, another woman sat up late at night, rocking her child….”

“Far away in the southeast an old woman was telling stories to her grandchildren by the dying light of a cooking fire….”

I am sure this story is going around from church to church all over the world. To my surprise, my sister sent me a picture taken from their church.


And quickly I responded, The Three Kings were either got intimated reason for being AWOL or MIA.

Apparently, the whole congregation broke down with laughter when they realized the error made by Fr. Patrick who is a happy, jolly, forgetful priest.

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