Photographs and Memories

The rainy season is here. It hasn’t stopped for a week now, and I longed for a place where the sun shines in other parts of the world, from December to January. My mind wanders to some places where I had some kind of “Winterfest” for change of scenery.

My facebook keeps track of what I posted from yesteryears reminding me where I had been. Nostalgia came flooding in.

Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal, India

Yes, that was a good trip. Warm and sunny filed with faith and culture. I’ve never seen so much devotion in various forms from Christianity, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism. They all co-exist. It’s against the law in India to malign someone else’s religion. As a Catholic, we went to venerate the anniversary of St. Francis Xavier in Goa.

My neighbor from India loves to cook and makes freshly brewed coffee. The smell of spices made my mouth water imagining the delectable Indian food. What I enjoyed the most is the aroma of morning coffee that transports me to Cuba.


The corner store, Cuba

Coffee … elixir of life that brings me back to life as soon as I drink it. Cuban coffee is out of this world, beats drinking Starbucks.

Here a photo of a corner store reminded me of the Philippines where I grew up. Next door to where we live is a corner store. It’s still there, so it was the apartment we once lived before. When my brother went to visit the Philippines two years ago to check out our old stomping ground, he showed us some photos, and the shots did not elicit any emotions from me. I was more relieved that I now live in Vancouver, Canada.

Even though I think of the past, I live for the moment with a one-track mind.


Coffee Board, London

They said: “when in Rome, do what the Romans do.” Well, I spent Christmas in London, and the English people love their tea.ย  Now, that was a problem. I have to walk for miles to find the right place for a cup of Java.

Nostalgia is good for me to counteract the blues, thinking of the good old days on these rainy days, wishing for the downpour to stop and hoping for a white Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, I leave you this joyful song.

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