Be Not Afraid

What is it that most people are afraid of dying, death and the dead? There’s really nothing to fear for the celebration of the deceased since death is for the living.

Thailand (2)

When I was in Thailand, volunteering for the AIDS center, one of the patients died. The monks were called for burial. They pulled the carriage bearing the body all the way to the crematorium.

It’s broad daylight. Be not afraid.

Thailand (3)

The little girl in the background is watching the ceremony oblivious that her mother died and it’s her mom that we are mourning for.

Thailand (4)

In the middle of the courtyard is where they lay the coffin for cremation open for public viewing.

I have no doubt in my mind that our patient is truly dead and no longer suffering from Aids. But, my mind is playing tricks on me thinking “what if she’s not, and she started screaming as soon as her body is set on fire?”


Thailand Cremation

Rest in Peace

7 thoughts on “Be Not Afraid

  1. This is a fascinating story. I had not considered the ‘hidden messages’ behind our death-and dying rituals. Being part of such a different ritual than our western norms would be both fascinating and horrifying.

Please share your reflection. Thank you.

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