Show me your true color.

We live beneath so many layers like an artichoke. Before we can get to the heart, we have to peel off so many layers.

Red Mushroom

As I was walking by a ground covered with Ivy, a red mound was protruding between the green leaves. As it turned out, this is one of the many red mushrooms emerging from the damp ground. They are pretty to look at but deadly to eat.

German Chocolate

Speaking of eating, this slice of chocolate cake is one of many that is on display layers and layers of decadent fillings, as noted on the sign. It was tempting to get a slice, and I opted for a loaf of sourdough bread. I must say I have good self-control.


More on food, layers and layers of grass were pulled by crows as they start foraging for grubs to fatten themselves up for winter. These worms are excellent sources of food for the birds but a menace for us.

Tree trunk

I miss our evergreen tree. The layer of rings I counted is more than 50. That’s how old the tree was. Now, it’s a haven for many plants during rainy days. The stump is actually quite unique as it turned to become the centerpiece of a rock garden.

Burning Bush

During Autumn, when the temperature dips lower than average, The Euonymus will show its true colour to bright red; hence, I nicknamed it the burning bush.

As for me, the colour of my skin is only a figment of my imagination. There are parts of my body that the pigmentation is disappearing and it’s whiter than white.

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