U Frame It

When I see a person carrying a real camera, I am always intrigued by what they see that warrants to be in a frame.


During the Mural Festival, frames are provided that give us an idea of what to shot for or maybe stick our head to say we were there to promote the event.

Framed (1)

Standing behind him, all I can is a head. Is that what he was aiming for?

Framed (5)

Maybe not, because there are other people in front of the head. I can’t really see from behind him.

Framed (3)

Then he went for the lower hole, and I see an elbow. Is an elbow a good subject?  Photographers seem to take forever to get out of my way for my turn to come up and take a peek. It took forever waiting patiently.

Finally, it was my turn.

Framed (7)

Much better subject of my desire to put in a frame.

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