Pretty Lights.

Have you ever heard of the saying blinded by the light or experienced seeing dark after looking at the intensely bright light of the sun? It’s blinding, and we see dark. It’s the exact opposite that darkness cannot drive out darkness, only the light can do that.

Against bright lights, most of my shots are silhouettes, outlines, or contours of a body.


Sunny day at tent city

This shot was taken from the window where I volunteer to serve soup and sandwich for brunch to men just waking up mostly after a night of ‘self-medicating.’ I certainly do not want to expose their faces.


A tent of superheroes

DC’s Legend of Tomorrow filming in progress under a canopy of a pink silk tent where the heroes with perfect makeup and all dressed in high fashion, In this event, food is catered to keep them fueled from a grueling light, camera, action workday starting at 5 am in the morning until sunset.


Curtain calls for a cat

On a window sill, I interrupted a cat sunbathing siesta. The intense afternoon light is bouncing from the glass while the curtain reflects the leafy tree that overshadows the cat’s profile. It was a challenge to capture the real nature of the feline.


A heron at False Creek

Focusing on the reflection of the Canadian flag on the oily patch of the creek., a bird standing still. The water at False Creek is no place for the bird where there are so many charter boats are moored polluting it.

I will leave you with this quote from Natalie Keyssar, a contributing photographer of National Geographic.

Photography is as much about listening as it is about looking. Remember to put your camera down, ask questions, and listen. Often, subjects will tell you what the picture is, and why it’s important. You won’t hear that if you’re only thinking about pretty lights.

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