How to catch precious pets

As part of our assignment on precious pets, today,  I spent the better of the day at Downtown East Side where homeless people live. Even though they are homeless, some of them would prefer the company of their pets.

Cat in a box

Lucy is thinking outside the box

One fellow I met has two rats. The big one hides inside his shirt while the tiny one prefers to walk around his shoulder, arms, hands, or all over his torso. We had a small conversation, then parted ways. In a short while, he returned looking frantic and stressed out, and I asked him: “What happened?” He said: “I’ve lost Tiny.” I must admit, I can still feel the loss of his pet: rat, or not.

Cat in a box

Adi prefers to sunbathe.

Another fellow has a cat sitting on top of his backpack. The cat has the best view of the town on safer ground.

Cat in a box

This time I put one kibble and see if Lucy or Adi will go inside the box

A small white dog is wandering around Oppenheimer Park (tent city) and seems to know this area more than I do. It doesn’t look lost because the tenants of the park know the dog. It must be everyone’s dog in the tent city.

Cat in a box

Lucy is way too smart and ate the kibble outside the box.

There seem to be more homeless men than women. I came across with one woman pushing a carriage with a dog in it. I suppose it’s better to have a dog than raise a child on the street.

Cat in a box

Adi is trapped and thinking about what he is supposed to do? Hmmm…

James has two rottweiler crossbreed, Misty and Buck. Misty is 7 years old while Buck is only 4.  Even though he is homeless, he would never part with his companions. As far as he’s concerned, they are the best of friends.

Oh, there are rabbits as well.

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