Remains of the Days

Thinking of sea, a form of a heavenly body, it comes in waves.  Here in Vancouver, we love to just sit on the beach and watch the sunset. When the tide is low, we could walk and walk for miles with no end.

While reading this post, play this as background music, my favorite music of the sea by Rod McKuen.

Sea Kitsilano

Kitsilano Beach, Vancouver, Canada

The sea is an excellent source of food. I admire people that are patient and resilient what the sea can offer us. I value all the living things that inhabit the mighty sea that no man can ever conquer. Therefore, we must respect and take care of our waters.

Sea Fishing Turkey

Fisherman at the coast of Turkey

And then again, some parts of the world, the Holy Cows, own the sea and beaches. They are the untouchables.

Sea India

Beach at Goa, India

Who doesn’t love the sea? Lovers will venture out along the rocks devoid of other people where they soak each other’s affection.

Sea Sicily Rocks and People

Of Rocks and Lovers in Sicily

The clouds and the waves seem to be synchronized looking at the horizon. I can literally feel the sound of the waves. In comparison to the big waves of Hawaii, I will take this friendly sea any time.

Sea Baltic

Baltic Sea

Lighthouses are imperative for any seafarers. In one of my pilgrims, we visited Malta where St. Paul was shipwrecked. Without the tower, it’s easy to meet the perils being on the water.

Sea Sicily Light House

Lighthouse at Sicily

Reflecting my heritage, I was born in one of the 7,001 islands of the Philippines. We traveled by ship from the island to the mainland, Davao to Manila. It was a week of being on the sea. I cannot remember how many times we did this until my mother finally decided to stay put at the mainland.  Thank goodness, it’s not my favorite mode of transportation. Needless to say, cruising is my last resort.

Sea Reflection Fjord

Reflection along the fjord

It’s all a memory now, even the island that my family is so proud of owing, Stanlake Island in Palawan. I’ve never been there.

As much as I was born surrounded by sea, my thought of the ocean reminds me of how my father was swept away by the wave never to be found. My cousins accosted by pirates going to the island. And this one is funny, how the strong wave knocked out my friend’s denture!

Sea Cuba

Remains of an old dock

16 thoughts on “Remains of the Days

  1. Lol- being born in the Philippines, people ask me why can’t I swim .
    I love the sea but I have so much respect for it for it’s on the sea we lost our father.- Poteet

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