Heaven is a place on Earth

As I walk on a mild summer day, my mind wanders, when my surrounding is a bit dreamy, an atmosphere of heaven is a place on earth.

Blue Sail

Blue sail

The sail summer camp season is on full steam ahead. There are many sails coming back from Jericho Beach where the kids stopped for lunch heading back to Ambleside to end their adventure. I could hear their glee in the air.

Blue Carpet

Blue Carpet

A blue carpet for a landing pad or sailing pad for the sails or maybe just to thread on should you don’t want any sand between your toes. This is better than walking on a red carpet during the Oscar award in Hollywood.


PNE (Pacific National Exhibition)

I dream of being young again for the sheer joy, delight, terror of riding the roller coaster again at the PNE and endless blue cotton candy on a cloudless blue sky. Now, I leave that for the young at heart. Instead, when I visit the park to watch the Super Dogs, eggs hatching, swarming of the bees as human beard, the smell of goats, cows and horses; pigs race make my heart swell bigger.

And then again, most people would like to dream big.



The pot today is $50M Canadian, tax-free! What would you dream of when you win this pot of gold?

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