Weather Report: Blue Skies

In reality, Vancouver is mostly cloudy with intermittent rain at night or morning during this week. It’s remarkable that the temperature is warm and I could soak the tepid rain. No need for umbrella.

Temperature July 11, 2018
Now: 21Celsius
5PM: ditto
6PM: ditto
7PM: ditto
8PM: 20Celsius
will go down to low 14Celsius tonight.

Tomorrow, Friday, July 12, 2018, high 23Celsius; weekend, 21 Celsius.

Even though it’s cloudy, wear sunscreen!



21 thoughts on “Weather Report: Blue Skies

  1. I think the nomads have the right idea: if you don’t like what is around you go somewhere else. Then, if the old area improves, come back. Too bad it isn’t so easy for the rest of us. We’ve got some warm summer-like weather in Toronto right now — if I can figure out how to send some your way, I will. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Is that a normal temperature for July? It sounds coolish.

    Yesterday we had a bit of reprieve in the hot and humid but it’s coming back. That’s our normal – hot and stinky humid πŸ˜•

  4. I’m really liking the cooler weather this summer so far….the last few years have been so dry and hot…it’s a nice break. I’ve been here in Van since 1965….the last 10 years have been unusually dry and warm in the summers….

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