I choose you. All of you for gracing me to see the world through your lens., for opening my mind,  for expanding my heart and soul. Needless to say, choiceless.

Thank you!


For fun, the tag lines for the past 52 weeks, I chose them as part of the narrative below. Can you find a tag line that was selected or better yet which ones were not chosen?

I wonder what path, doors and doorways would open up for me to something different just for fun.

As I reflect and reviewed my post in Lens Artist,  I can see seasonal changes, cityscapes, nature, architecture, landscapes, trees: every moment around the neighborhood is unique.

Even at night, looking through my window, I can see the shadows of wild nocturnal animals that unexpectedly came to forage in our garden. No fences can stop the skunks and raccoons with their babies in tow. At night, these animals blend in and during the day, they stand out. It can be magical to experience the delicate balance of living in a small oasis where happiness may be found and harmony exists.

Small is beautiful. To add action and history to this green space, a white cat stayed in the garden assaulted by the winter elements. The cat was weathered and worn out by the time we rescued her.

Speaking of the garden, I planned to have fewer plants for less is more and time to relax to allow the vegetations to grow wild. This was shortlived because of my neighbor who has so many container plants in their balcony and they are going away for four months asked us to rescue their plants. For the love of plants, we cannot say no. One plant is so soft and delicate that we left it in the container. My co-gardener was in her elements and used her creativity to squeeze in small annual plants, her favorite things, in her side of the garden. As for me, I ended with bigger perennial plants. Big can be beautiful, too, especially if their flowers are blue! This year, I added a splash of white alyssum around the rock garden.

8 thoughts on “Choiceless

    • Thanks, Patti. Without the four of you providing challenges to get our creative juices going, our brains would have turned into a prune or raisin 😳Lens-Artist is what I look forward to that I can live my life vicariously through everyone’s post.

  1. Oh Perpetua, that is the best ever!!! How long did it take you to put this together??? Very, very marvelous—thank you so much for your support and appreciation of our efforts. You rock!!!

    • Finding the tag lines is quite easy by using your site 🤗Putting all the words together, reflecting on participants post plus mine and making up a story in my head was the fun part that I played on the idea for a day. You guys are marvellous for keeping us active and engage. Thank you, Tina!

Please share your reflection. Thank you.

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