Houston, we have a problem



Knotty problems or is it the way it is! Let me count the ways …

  1. Otis is using the raspberry container as his litter box.

  2. Computer is in the clinic. Trying my best to post using iPad and iPhone together whichever works. It keeps on doing this: “a problem occurred so it reloaded” many time. Needless to say challenge.

  3. Cat Care volunteer. I quit! I learned what feral means. People. I left a note be kind to volunteers as much as you are kind to cats. Volunteers are your greatest asset.

RDP https://ragtagcommunity.wordpress.com/2019/06/28/rdp-friday-knot/


8 thoughts on “Houston, we have a problem

  1. Is this beauty yours?? I had to laugh at using the raspberry container as a litter box. Piper sits on the edge of her little box to ‘go.’ I am so afraid that she is gonna tip that thing over and litter will fly everywhere. KNOT a happy thought!

    • The container is mine at my brother’s balcony. Otis is my brother’s daughter cat. He is such a character. As for your Piper, oooooooh noooo ….. definitely knot

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