My Fav … not necessarily in this order

A good joke. I could use a great laugh, especially on my mugs all given to me. Notice that Starbuck’s mermaid has a belly button. This mug has been discontinued it’s not politically correct. What a joke.


When I am down, I might as well look what’s down there to lift up my spirit. My garden looking down from my balcony. According to my neighbor, there are plenty of people that admire and take photos of whatever plants growing. Well, in that case, gardening is an excellent activity not just for me but for others, too. Those little things that come to visit such as the hummingbirds, chickadees, butterflies, etc.


Oh, those little creatures. My heart melts when I see these two lovingly walking hand in hand. The big brother is so proud of taking care of his little sister. And the little sister just loving all the attention she gets from him.

Best Friends

And as what Patti said, kittens are part of favorite things. Nothing feels so soothing having a contented cat snuggling beside fast asleep as I knit. Lucy can no longer be bothered with a ball of yarn in her old age.


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