In One’s Element

Summer Camping

Camping: No campfire allowed!

It is such a fantastic campsite that they look forward to spending the week together every year. It’s a tradition that we started when the children were younger.

This area is surrounded by mountains, lakes and trees. All five elements: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth are present. Who could ask for more when nature abounds.

Now the children are mature and responsible, they carried on the tradition. To preserve this pristine area, a campfire is not allowed. It’s not really a problem come night time as all huddled together to tell tales, jokes or the event of the day around the lit candle to ward off mosquitoes.

They are in their element during this occasion.

The closeness of the air
can make all the worries disappear
The softness of the water
can destroy all our armor
The freedom of the sky
no money can ever buy
The purity of the fire
no hand can ever acquire
the tolerance of the earth
starts at the time of our birth
Nature is kind has given us so much
let us all heal it with our caring touch

Nature And Five Elements – Poem by Deepak Ahuja


8 thoughts on “In One’s Element

  1. Disaster when there’s no campfire 🔥- even propane’s campfire not as good as real wood. 😏
    Thanks for the post – kids are still young here.

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