Forget Me Not

30 days has September, April, June and November …
April showers bring May flowers …
Meanwhile, claimed there would be a Royal Mint collection of coin designs based on emojis ... April fools joke.

Vancouver Rain

Rain, rain, go away …

Honestly, today, April 1, 2019, the weather here in Vancouver is soaring 19C. That is no April fools joke. Should I be worried?

Vancouver Should I Be Worried

Should I Be Worried?

Just for today, I will not be worried and enjoy the moment. Soon enough, the rain will come whether we like it or not. It feels like summer, and that is for real.

Vancouver Back to School

Back to school after spring break.

After two weeks of spring break, parents are jumping with joy that the children returned to school. I can only imagine how much work that is to entertain the children and parents wishing that there should be 365 days of school.

Vancouver FC Pond

Hard Wired.

The Canadian beavers are busy cutting down trees just because their teeth are itching to gnaw on something. The gardeners are just as busy creating a barrier of hard wires around the trees to save the trees. The trees are happy, the people are ecstatic but not the beaves (may sound like Justin Bieber but no relation).

Vancouver False Creek

False Creek Island

The man-made False Creek Island is looking good. The tide is low (definitely, we need rain). A lone man is basking in the sun and hopefully enjoying his solitude.

Vancouver Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not in bloom.

One thing for sure, the Forget Me Not plant will make you forget all the dreary days and months of winter. Who cannot smile looking at this prolific plant that self-seeds and will sprout as soon as the seeds hit the ground?  This is one plant that is constant in my garden.

So, how is April treating you so far?

4 thoughts on “Forget Me Not

  1. Fun Vancouver visit Perpetua. Especially liked the forget-me-nots😊. One wonders where they got their name! April has been lovely so far and I am pleased winter is behind us!

  2. April is the month whether to start gardening or continue with spring cleaning inside the house?
    And nothing beats a sunny April days- “Sunshine makes me happy”. – John Denver

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