To Whom It May Concern

My nephew sent me a copy of a letter from a ten-year-old girl who is interested in architecture. It has been her dream to become an architect since she was eight-years-old.


What is life like to become an architect of your dreams?

I don’t know if my nephew answered her letter. I certainly would like to respond to her.

For one, you have to really believe that you can do it and persist whatever obstacle that life with throw along your path as I saw how my nephew did it.

It started with a simple drawing that I posted here.

ac drawing

As you dream your dreams, we cross a path in our life that might hold us back from realizing it, and we can choose how to respond to it. There may be a straight line, a curveball, a crossroad or something more enticing that we wander off the path but in reality, we are the architect of our own destiny.

As an architect, we have to have a plan or a vision of how to materialize our dream. It will be no longer straightforward as we thought it would be. But we persevere.


alex cruz studio

As an architect, we have to look at the plan on a piece of paper, think of the structural requirements, building codes, the strength of materials, costs, foundation, restrictions, etc. similar to our life. What can we do about it? We have to think this through and find an answer and solution.


alex cruz studio. End project.

The plan is an overwhelming and huge responsibility. Instead of being afraid of tackling the challenge, we embrace it.  We have an idea. We may modify the plan. We may ask for help from others. We can do it.

I must say, I am proud of my nephew for being the architect of his own life, and I certainly hope that this girl will receive the guidance in fulfilling her dreams.

25 thoughts on “To Whom It May Concern

  1. Perfect advice. My son always dreamed of being an architect. He’d tell me when he was young: “I can almost see the buildings in 4 dimensions.” He excelled at art and math, but as you say, hit a few roadblocks. Long story short, he eventually returned to school and became an architectural technician – not quite where he dreamed of being – and now works for a glass company. A few of his designs have won them work. He finds it so rewarding.

  2. What a great post! I love your comment that we are, in fact, all architects of our own lives and you draw great comparisons between the two of them.

    This little girl sounds like a shaker-and-mover. I suspect she will go far!

  3. I wish her all the best, Perpetua.. I admired her thought to decide to be an architect when she is ten. That must be an exciting for her to fulfill her dream. Best of luck from the former architect …

      • I studied architecture for my undergraduate. Then worked as pure architect for couple of years when I was just focused on designs. But then I joined humanitarian organizations where my role was changed. It’s still related to construction too, but not too focused on design only. So, maybe I still can call myself architect 😄

  4. Love your response, Perpetua! Hope she will make it! “we are the architect of our own destiny”, beautifully said.
    Thank you for sharing her letter to your nephew with us.

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