“You are so cute”

Remy, The Humanities Cat

Photo of Radka’s adorable children talking to Remy, The Humanities Cat

Radka sent a photo of her children to Remy’s FB of her children talking to her daughter. She spoke her first full sentence in English, her third language, “You are so cute.” For all we know, Remy is linguistic since he belongs to humanity that speaks a different tongue he encounters at Harvard University.

Just take a look at the expression of these children. Total joy and happiness.

I’m sure the children have asked Remy so many questions such as:
“Can you tell me more about yourself?”
“Who’s your mommy?”
“Who’s your daddy?”
“Are you available to chat?”
“Where do you live?”

If you were to encounter Remy, what would you ask him?


19 thoughts on ““You are so cute”

  1. That’s so sweet Perpetua. Children love animals so much – sadly, I suppose as we grow older we lose that sense of wonder. I’d ask him which of his 9 lives he’s currently living!

  2. I would ask him if he could come home with me for a few days. If he could promise not to forget there’s a busy road just beyond that squirrel out there, I could promise him chicken in bite-sized pieces for the duration of his visit, and, of course, our stalking one another around corners. Lovely photo and musing. 🙂

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