Leave your shoes at the door



Have you ever entered a house that you are allowed to wear your shoes inside the home? Footwear is dirty and rightly so, the homeowner prefers that we leave our shoes at the door.  Therefore, we respect their wishes and remove our shoes.


When we get together, being a big family, that’s plenty of different kinds of footwear. Now, try finding your shoes immediately from this stack of shoes.

Shoes are symbolism of what carries you, your heart and mind. When we leave our shoes at the door and enter someone’s abode, we want to be fully present to them.  This place could be your own home, church, school, etc. This reminded me of an old-time favorite song that I still hum.

I am a man without envy
No roof, no walls to defend me
Hoping someday you’ll be friendly
And take my troubles away.

Walk with me, talk with me
Tell me all the good things you’ve done
Stay with me, pray with me
Leave all your blues in your shoes at the door.

I went to school for a long time
Hoping to walk in a straight line
Until I discovered the great mind
Never to walk in a straight line at all.

I was a child once I knew it
My mother has pictures to show it
I guess she knew I’ll outgrow it
I guess that’s what pictures are for.

8 thoughts on “Leave your shoes at the door

  1. Ha ha the MAIN reason i make everyone leave shoes at door is because i don’t want to clean the floors too often! No shoes equals less housework! Plus also … it’s tradition so i can make that the reason 🙂 hmmm interesting what you said about leaving shoes at door to be fully present… alas for those with holes in their socks…

  2. Not a custom that I grew up with at all. In fact, my mom probably thought that we’d get sick as kids if we walked around without shoes. 😄 The grown up, married me sees things much differently. We are a “no shoes” in the house family.

  3. In our home, we remove our shoes at the door. My husband is Indian and this is very much a part of his culture. I’ve lived with it so long that I recently visited a friend and actually asked if it was okay to wear shoes in the house.

    • It is customary in India to remove our shoes and that’s what we did when we visited India. Here in Canada, we don’t want our carpet get dirty, therefore, shoes off. Thank you for reflection.

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