The nature of Emerald Isle

“It’s the one place on earth heaven had kissed with melody, mirth, and meadow and mist.  ~ Irish Proverb.”

Ireland Dingle Peninsula

Dingle Peninsula best place to stop and photograph the many shades of green

Never have I seen so many shades of green in this rolling hills of Dingle Peninsula. According to the song Johnny Cash wrote, there are at least 40 shades of green you can listen here.

In contrast, below is Burren meaning the great rock.

Ireland, Burren

The nature of Burren is rocky limestone loving plant thrives here. For the nature lover, there is a Burren Nature Sanctuary set on a 50 acre of land. It’s impossible for me to describe it, you just have to go and see.


The landscape walking along the Dingle Peninsula is a site of beehive huts that believed to be a structure that may have been used as a church. It was thought that this area was once a monastic environment. The huts are in good conditioned and became part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.

Ireland Tide Pool

This is a tide pool, and it was the first time I’ve seen a pool in my life. It was teeming with life. Here lies a sea urchin. I took one for observation and for keeps as a pet while in Ireland. Silly me. It died.

Ireland, Me and Horse

And here I am in 1995, finding a well-natured horse to chin wag with.

Emerald Island is truly a grand place to visit and to live where Erin first rose to feel genuinely at home. The people are kind and welcoming. Until now I can envision the rolling pastures, stone fending, narrow roads, fairy hills and the sea.

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