It’s been a long week

The polar vortex came to Vancouver like a freight train in full speed ahead. As Vancouverites, we are blessed with mild winter. When a 10 cm snow is in the forecast, people panic. The caretaker of the manor shakes his head when he hears 10 cm, and I say convert it to inches. Inches do not sound bad in comparison to centimeters. That’s only 3.7 inches!

The first snow turned my backyard into a winter wonderland covering the Holly tree with a blanket of snow that there is no room for the birds especially the hummer. The hummingbird took refuge in my balcony equipped with feeders and lines for them to perch.

We had one day of a snow day; schools were closed. Children were happy, parents calling in sick or paid vacation or plain AWOL to take care of the wee ones. Usually, the school’s added benefit is a dedicated nursery or day centers for students. That saves parents the cost of childminding.

As for me, I stayed home and avoided the slippery slope of the sidewalks. Thank goodness, there’s enough food for me and my cat Lucy for that we didn’t get hungry for a couple of days.

We are now on the fifth day of snow warning, and I am having cabin fever. Enough of the snow, I’m going to town today!

How was your week?

21 thoughts on “It’s been a long week

  1. I’m sitting here in the morning sun watching snowflakes gently falling in the sunlight. It’s so pretty – compared to the gale force winds and driving snow that felt like it’s sandpapering off your face.
    Yes – it’s definitely been a winter for the record books. I can imagine for you Vancouverites, it’s been a nightmare. 😏

  2. I like the sound of slipper slope of snow – but in real life that is stressful stuff – ❄️❄️❄️❄️
    Hope you make it out to appease cabin fever a bit – we are expecting a bit of snow and I am
    Ready – was in flip flops on my walk yesterday and nice – but I am a winter girl and would like a bit more snow –

  3. Its funny how different things can be, for 3 inches of snow here is like nothing. πŸ™‚ Stay safe and warm and I hope you can get out soon, I know how cabin fever can get!

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