To The Rescue

Cat Zone

The effect what my cat companions to me, words cannot describe it. There is scientific evidence that petting animals reduce blood pressure. As for me, it provides a medicinal nature that drugs cannot.

I know I would not do without my cats. In my darkest days, they make me smile. They need me. Knowing that I am needed, I am forced to get out of bed to provide their needs. The companionship I received from them is filled with joy as I watch them do their crazy antics and unconditional love I receive. They are life savers. They rescue me from the brink of going down the abyss. They don’t judge me for my mental illness.

Cats are better pets than dogs.

I am lucky to have Maurice and Lucy in my life for the following reasons.

  1. Caregiver (they can sense when I am feeling sick and tolerates my moods)
  2. Gift giver (they bring bugs inside the apartment and leave it at my feet)
  3. Personal trainer (they make me run after them when it’s bath time)
  4. Inspector (they inspect all the bags I bring home)
  5. Cuddle buddy (Lucy snuggles with me at bedtime)
  6. Head warmer (they plunk their warm bodies on the top of my head when I’m asleep)
  7. Alarm clock (they wake me up in the dot at 5am wanting breakfast)
  8. Dishwasher (they lick their plates clean ready for the next meal)
  9. Ghost whisperers (they stare into space with ears all perk up)
  10. Playmate (they jump quickly under the sheet when I change the bedding)
  11. Masseur (they massage my back or chest)
  12. Bath assistant (Lucy licks my toes clean and arms and face and …)
  13. Blog buddy (Maurice sits on the keyboard and starts typing the comments azdvghionmlxqw)

I don’t mind them ruling my life. I’m tired of being a ruler.

13 thoughts on “To The Rescue

  1. Sweet. Also, same. I love to come home and see all my cats waiting for me to lie down. I’ll change my clothes and lie on the bed with them and petting them sets us all right after a long day 🙂 The other day I was driving in a snowstorm and I said, “I miss my dog.” Simply thinking about petting her soft ears calmed me.

  2. Absolutely true! Parker sleeps on top of the comforter on my legs. Piper gets under the cover…against my legs. Her alarm clock is set for 6am sharp. With warnings beginning at 5:50am. How do they do that??????

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