It’s been a long week

Remy, The Humanities Cat

Remy, The Humanities Cat of Harvard

In or out, out or in. That’s what cats do best and sometimes they can’t even decide. They love boxes, too! This cat knows where he belongs, in an outbox.

Meet Remy.

Before I tell you about Remy, two cat tales can be part of Believe it or Not.

Tale #1: A family in Nova Scotia (tip of Canada) was packing Christmas presents for shipment. Little do they know, their cat, Baloo, went in the box, had a catnap, quiet as a mouse and was shipped out to Montreal. The family was frantic for three days not able to find Baloo and played a stressful game of cat-and-mouse. The owner received a shocking call that her cat is in Montreal 1200 km away from home. She mailed her cat thinking of the worse that she killed her cat. However, a happy ending. The cat is alive and the shipping company delivered Baloo back home to Nova Scotia, free of charge.

Tale #2: This one is recent and it happened in Montana.  Fluffy, the cat, was found frozen solid covered with a fluff of snow, thick chunks of ice and snow. The cat was rushed to the vet. The clinic immediately tried warm/thaw the cat using hair dryers, heating pads, hot towel, warm water giving the cat a spa treatment. IV hydration was tricky due to Fluffy’s solid body. Since cats have nine lives, it was a Lazarus moment. She came back to life. The owner does not want to be identified.

Back to Remy.

Remy is an outdoor cat that the owner decided to place a tracking device around his neck. He wants out all the time and his favorite place is Harvard  University. The faculty, residents and students take good care of him. He has a full Harvard experience from campus, lecture halls, grounds, golf course and eatery. His visits spread from the Literature Department, Law School, STEM, museum, English Department, Faculty Club, Loeb House, Barker Center, History Department, Emerson Hall, research centers, and other numerous buildings.  He has been in students dorms, attended lectures, the party mascot, taken photos by tourist, photobomb a wedding, danced with a ballet dancer. He is very popular and loved that he even has his own Facebook. I am one of his followers.

When he goes missing, the owner posted a search-and-rescue notice and came out an outpouring response where they saw Remy lasts. Fans of Remy submit photos of his sightings, escapades or plain being lazy on the grounds.

Harvard gave him the title “The Humanities Cat” or “The Interdisciplinary Cat.”

The owner gave up on keeping Remy in since he is well taken cared of by the University. He still goes home though when he’s ready.

So, how’s your week been?

19 thoughts on “It’s been a long week

  1. I love cat stories and cat videos. They are just the most entertaining creatures.

    I had heard the story of Fluffy on the news a few days ago. The pictures of this frozen cat were horrifying. I cried. This story came out right on the heels of a feral cat in very bad shape from the extreme cold temperatures we were having, who chose our yard to find shelter. The poor thing was in such bad shape, he had to be put down. The animal rescue place seemed pretty blasé about it, but I’m still heartbroken. I’m so glad that Fluffy’s story had a happier ending.

    • Oh God, what an awful experience to find a frozen cat in your own back yard. I suppose the ‘vets’ have seen too many of this cases that it’s just another day for them.

      Cats and dogs are my thing in social media. The rest is garbage.

      • Especially at this time of year – trying to find shelter from this cold, little to no food.
        I know this happens all the time to wild animals in the winter. The old and weak ones often don’t survive, but knowing that doesn’t make it any easier when the dying animal is at your back door 😢

  2. My husband opened the front door this evening and Piper ran out. I am sick. My only hope is that she ran next door and is with those cats and will come back tomorrow morning when they always come to my house for breakfast. Perpetua, I am so angry and frustrated and just want to cry.

  3. I wonder how old she is ( must be a female with her social skills 🤣and flexibility ) and who feeds her?
    Life of a cat = good life ❤️

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