Of Ads and Sods

Have you heard of Sod’s Law? It’s also known as Murphy’s Law that if anything would go wrong, it will. It could be humorous, facetious and inconvenient. If it does happen, it isn’t funny. To me!

It started with a message from one of my readers asking since when did I allow ads in my blog?

Ads? I’ve never noticed any ads in my system, and I registered for an ad-free blog. However, the system state that my post is ad-supported. Reading the fine print of WordPress, they do place ads from time to time to generate revenue on some post. For years, I’ve been blessed by WordPress with without having to pay for my site with no ads.

I don’t mind ads so long I get to pick what kind and I receive the revenue.

My reader stated further that the ads were in bad taste and sent me samples. The ads were lemons, breast and cannabis. I certainly do not want my readers to go to these promotions since I avoid any sites that have ads.

To protect myself and my readers, I upgraded for a small fee to an ad-free site.

Please let me know should you encounter any ads here.

7 thoughts on “Of Ads and Sods

  1. I haven’t seen any ads. I did exactly the same thing. I can’t stand the idea of people being subjected to banal advertising when they are trying to read articles. It’s one of my big ‘hates’ in life.

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