As Painter Paints the Language of Sphere, Color, Line and Form

To see what a painter paints, one has to look at the unexpected form that jumps out of the canvas and not to look into his mind.

Art is not escape, but a way of finding order in chaos, a way of confronting life.—Robert Hayden

After 18 years, he picked up his brushes and started painting. According to him, it was a call from the Holy Spirit. As a person with faith, I believe him and not surprise that miracles do happen. Most of his paintings are a  gift from his personal God who never gave up on him in life as a man living with mental illness.

One of my favorite paintings is his rendition of the Myth of Sisyphus. The gist of this myth is how we do repetitive actions, and there is happiness or satisfaction along the process.

Myth of Sisyphus

Myth of Sisyphus

This is precisely what painting is all about when he paints the formula of spheres in bold primary colors with black and white background. The effect is stunning with various patterns forming as I unfocus my sense of sight.

My wall. His paintings

Infinity Voyager, Portal, and Hey Doodle, doddle. The Fish and the Poodle.

For him, the meaning of colors are Yellow is God the Father, Red is God the Holy Spirit, and Orange is God the Son, Christ. The combination of yellow and red is orange.

He and I discuss most of his work. Sometimes, he asks for my opinion what I think of a piece before he publishes it in his Facebook. One night, he was contemplating about colors. I told him my favorite color is blue. Below is what came out of his meditation with me in mind.

Trinity and Me

Trinity triangles and the middle blue is me.

I wanted him to create something for me using the horse he painted years ago. I commissioned him to paint The Good Samaritan as written in Luke 10 for me similar to Van Gogh. Painters do not copy other’s work.  The result is posted here.

He was productive in the year 2018. Painted plenty, sold some.

Dan Siglos

Century House Artists: Spirit Descending, Peace, Hope and Harmony

Dan Siglos: painter, brother, uncle. He is my brother.


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14 thoughts on “As Painter Paints the Language of Sphere, Color, Line and Form

  1. Perpetua, I am sorry that you and your brother struggle with mental illness. You are both very talented people who push through the difficult times to come out the other side. His work, and especially his colors, are beautiful, as is your spirit. Keep fighting, keep living, keep praying. I think you are amazing

  2. Hi Perpetua,
    My first reply has vanished (must have hit the wrong key) but these colours NEED a reply because they have made my day 😊.

    As I mentioned elsewhere, the artwork pops from the screen. I love the idea of colour representing God. The colours of the artwork remind me of stained glass windows. My parents didn’t go to church but my grandparents would take me and the bright colours of the glass with the light streaming through always made me feel safe.

    Thank you for sharing this post with me

    • Hi Nat. Smiling. I tell you, computer has a way of making life interesting, sometimes. Oh, yes, God is colorful. Thank you for sharing your reflection.

      Remember the movie Joseph and his technocolor dream. That is a great biblical story.

      I’m glad it made your day. Perpetua.

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for your post and for sharing it with me. The colours are stunning! Curiously although I love bright colours the artwork “the portal” appeals to me best with the use of white too.

  4. Thank you for introducing your brother’s artwork to us. Through his painting, we can see he finds order in chaos and beautifully presented colors. He is talented.

Please share your reflection. Thank you.

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