Let’s Talk. A friendly reminder you’re allowed to talk about your mental health.

bell lets talk 2019

I am talking about mental health to support Bell Let’s Talk Mental Health Awareness Month. It is no secret that I live with mental illness diagnosed with major depressive disorder, seasonal affective disorder and generalized anxiety. For years, I have managed this illness with medication, loving support with family and friends, therapy, behavior changes (CBT), structured life and much more.

To stay in shape, I have a list of exercises my right to mental fitness.

  1. Pamper yourself by doing something that makes you feel special.
  2. Volunteer and give some of your time to someone else.
  3. Listen. It shows you care.
  4. Do something creative. Write a poem or cook a gourmet delight.
  5. Free your imagination by dreaming of a special dream.
  6. Scream in your car or punch your pillow. Let out your frustrations without hurting someone especially yourself.
  7. Treat yourself to your favorite food.
  8. Express yourself. Talk about your feelings.
  9. Listen to music.
  10. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
  11. Meditation, prayer or yoga. Do something soothing for your soul.
  12. Read a book and expand your mind.
  13. Laugh. It’s the world’s best medicine.
  14. Share a smile with a friend.
  15. Be assertive and say no when you mean no!
  16. Take a class and learn something new.
  17. Write a letter
  18. Take a day to do something you love to do.
  19. Forgive yourself every morning before breakfast.
  20. Get out into the garden.
  21. Sing in the shower.
  22. Take an imagination vacation at Club Mind.
  23. Take a walk rain or shine.
  24. Watch a sunrise or sunset
  25. Take up a hobby.
  26. Read the funnies or create your own.
  27. Tell people you care.
  28. Have a big stretch. It does wonders.
  29. Give yourself a hug.
  30. Hug someone.

The list could go on or maybe you have something to add to the list. What would it be?

Remember: You are allowed to talk about your mental health!

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