Meanwhile in Vancouver

lazy day

Some people left their heart in San Francisco as the song goes; in Vancouver, the city is the heart. To see the beauty, from a distance, a lazy chair is available to sit, relax and admire the beauty of Science World and towering buildings. We have a beautiful seawall around False Creek and flotilla to take you from various destinations all the way to Granville Public Market, Maritime Museum or English Bay.

Young people dream of working downtown where the action is. I was once one of them who moved to the city, close to the beach and aquatic center; I survived for a month and returned to the suburb for a more relaxed environment and still worked for 30 years being associated with big firms a boost to my ego and professional life. And then I grew up or should I say, grew tired working downtown and quit the city life.

Science World Angelo Siglos' photo

The song “Downtown” sang by Petula Clark still brings me to the city waiting for me to see the lights grow brighter, listen to the city traffic where I can forget my troubles and meet someone kind to help and understand you, someone who is just like you and needs a gentle hand to guide them along.


23 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Vancouver

  1. I think I’m a small town person at heart, but I do love the city … well, except for the traffic 😉
    I’ve lived in the city for so long now that I think I’d probably go into cultural shock if I did move back to a small town.

  2. Beautiful images Perpetua. Had no idea you’d been a city girl. Always pictured you in the countryside somehow. We loved our visit to Vancouver. It’s a beautiful city and has some awesome gelato shops 😀

    • I ain’t no country bumpkin, Tina. This past Sunday. went downtown early morn, lots of people already, walked down memory lanes and at end of the day, guess what? I had gelato! Thanks, Tina. Vancouver is a nice city,

  3. I have always loved that song. Some people would love to have a house on the water. Not me. I would love to have one of those spacious apartments over the shops downtown…where all the lights are bright. 🙂

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