Batters Up!


I hate to burst your bubble.
Today is the last day of Christmas.
It’s time to put all those decorations away,
The manger of tiny figurines of the three wise men,
Mary, Joseph, and Jesus
All go in the box.


It was just yesterday, Jesus was born; now he is being baptized! Soon, it will be Easter again. Never ending cycle of Sisyphus but the story of Jesus is a happy one.



18 thoughts on “Batters Up!

      • Good Morning Perpetual – I was just reading your list to stay in shape mentally. It’s interesting how these were all things I had begun as of last year without knowing yet have created a much, MUCH calmer me!

      • Top of the morning to you, Jo. Where have you been? I’ve been checking your site, no posting. I think you are way MUCH TO MUCH CALMER now. Quit the coffee?

      • Lol, I’m actually sitting here SPINNING from too much coffee this morning.๐Ÿ˜‚ Beginning to doa lot more work with my art (Facebook – Joanne’s Inkee Fiddlings and you’ll see what I’ve been doing) and I’m finally volunteering more. Plus oldest child is graduating high school this year!!! x

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