12 thoughts on “Mexicans Will NOT Pay For The Wall

  1. I hope he doesn’t get to build it. There is just something wrong with the whole idea. I don’t know if it is the slant on the reporting, but he seems to be losing a lot of credibility over this.

    • For the sake of humanity, the only wall that is worth keeping is the Great Wall of China. This person (name that I do not want to leave my lips) is repeating bad history similar to Hitler. Let’s hope and I will pray it will not happen.

      • You are absolutely right and I quote
        “the role of politics as β€œan essential means of building human community and institutions, but when political life is not seen as a form of service to society as a whole, it can become a means of oppression, marginalization and even destruction.”

      • Exactly, there will always be your hardcore Republicans who will swallow and horsesh*t that comes from the president, but people are already starting to see through this man. At least he is polarising opinion, which is never a bad thing.

    • I cannot wait what the next episode of what’s happening with the Wall. $5.6B is alot of money that can be redirected to feeding the poor and medical attention to those who need it. I doubt Americans will go for it to pacify the tyranny of one person.

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