Time is running out …



Time is running out when we only have five days more before Christmas
HURRY up should you have not crossed off all the things to do before the event
Time is running out with an unclaimed million-dollar lottery ticket
Double HURRY, check all your tickets tucked away all over the house
How would you react if you found you winning $1M lottery ticket expired!


* In Other Words: Hurry: five lines or less
* The Life of B: December Squares.



10 thoughts on “Time is running out …

  1. Well, Christmas is over and things are quiet here. I would love to win the lottery but I never buy a ticket so I won’t spend the winnings I will just image the shopping spree. Hope you had a happy Christmas! Thanks for sharing your lines.

      • It is my pleasure to see you at Patricia’s Place. Those of you that participate in the In Other Words challenge are a wonderful gift. Thank you for joining in. I look forward to the new year with you.

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