The Perfect Cone

Miss Universe 2018 Perfect Cone Mayon Volcana

Mayon Volcano is an active volcano of the Philippines with its perfect cone. This photo was taken by my nephew, Cyril. The last time it erupted was on January 14, 2018. With the help of new technology, they can predict that danger is coming, people have evacuated saving lives.

The volcano is a metaphor for the red gown worn by Catriona Gray of the Philippines crowned as Miss Universe 2018.

Congratulations, Miss Gray!

I must admit the last time I was excited about Miss Universe pageant was in 1969 when Gloria Diaz wore the crown. Still, to this date, I can remember her singular pure Filipino beauty in the eyes of a 12-year-old girl.

8 thoughts on “The Perfect Cone

  1. I remember Gloria Diaz- a true Filipina beauty. And smart too!
    But don’t want to live in their shoes. I like being ordinary person 🤣 – Poteet

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