Frosty the snowman does not live here.

Vancouver Snowman

Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter
For some parts of the world, rain is seasonal.
There was a time we are blanketed with snow.
Now in Vancouver, rain is part of life.
Frosty the snowman does not live here.


* In Other Words: Seasonal, five lines or less
* The Life of B: December Squares.
* Photo Credit: unknown

PS: I can’t help myself to tag this as Lens-Artists because it has the same topic “Seasonal” and this photo is not mine. Just for fun in amusing myself having the seasonal affective disorder.


12 thoughts on “Frosty the snowman does not live here.

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  2. I have seen that photo before and it makes me smile every time I do 🙂

    We too have been getting rain – a lot of it – and I’m ok with that. I know that most people prefer to see a white Christmas but I’m an outlier. Maybe I should live in Vancouver 😉

    • I have been reading snippets of what Americans think of Vancouver. They thought it’s very cold, we live in Igloo and they packed their parka and forgot their umbrellas.

      We would be lucky to have snow again.

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