Family Portrait


Family Portrait

What is a family?
Typically, a standard family consists of mom, dad and child. Some would number their family as 1.5 or 2.5 which I do not understand where the point 5 comes from. Others would prefer to have just two children, a boy and a girl. Some culture would prefer just a boy hoping that their son will carry the lineage.  Some countries will allow only one child per household.

What is my family?
Growing up in the Philippines, a family of three is not enough, the more the merrier that extends from mother, father and children, to grandmother and grandfather, to uncle and aunties, cousins, in-laws, adopted children, neighbor, friends, etc. We have a saying: it takes a village to take care of a child. Supporting one another is crucial to survive; no me, mine and myself.

What are many types of family?
In the 21st century,  family types are called by many names such as traditional family, nuclear family, single-parent family, same-sex family, joint family, extended family, astronaut family, to name a few.

What is the broader definition?
A family is what you make it.  A rabbit, cat, dog, and child living in harmony.


*Photo credit: Monika Koclajda (Poland)   NatGeo Daily Dozen


3 thoughts on “Family Portrait

  1. So true – our family is what we choose it to be. I have 2 biological sisters, and yet I also count a few ‘chosen’ sisters who are in many ways closer to me than my natural ones.

    … and fur-babies? Yes, they are definitely family too!!

    • What a comfortable size of family, Joanne. I find that having pets definitely adds up. As for me, add 10 to your number and 1.5 cats. I used to have 2.5, the alpha cat went to cat heaven. Have a good weekend.

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