garabandalPlease note that this is a scary story of my pilgrimage to Garabandal.
One has to be social when on a pilgrimage. I saw a woman sitting in the garden from the bedroom window where I was staying for the night. I decided to go out and meet her. She came from England. According to her, God called her to move to Garabandal. So she did. There were so many things I’ve heard from her that was entirely supernatural, and I took it lightly. In the meantime, the woman was constantly praising and touching me. Touch my hair, my hand, and my face. I did not mind it, but I find it unusual for a Caucasian to be touchy. We parted for the afternoon, and hopefully, we will see each other again.
That evening, a co-pilgrim and I decided to go for a walk in the village. Being a small community, the street has sparse lamp lights. We met another person on the alley and invited him along. Suddenly, the English lady appeared out of nowhere. We asked her as well to join us. Walking and talking, our conversation turned to religion. The English lady admitted that she does not belong to any organized religion, nor does she know how to pray. I excitedly told her it’s so easy to pray the rosary. I pulled my Scapular from my neck to give it to her. This Scapular is entirely different because it has a Crucifix. I took the lady’s hand and placed the Crucifix on her palm gently.What happened next, the lady went on convulsion while I was holding her hand. I thought she was having an epileptic moment. Feeling weak, she needed to sit down. So we sat her down at the nearest bench.

When she regained her composure, she said when a holy object touches her, she becomes spastic. I immediately pulled my hand and the Scapular from her hand. When she opened her hand, the image of the Crucifix left an imprint on her palm. The mark is raised and swollen.

My goodness, all the hair on my neck stood up. My friend and I looked at each other, a look that means it’s time to get the hell away from this woman. A devil is at work.

It seemed forever before the lady stood up to leave. In the meantime, I courageously invited her to join us at the church the following day. What was I thinking? Am I asking a possessed person into my life and Church? But of course, I wasn’t thinking. I was encouraging her to come to pray with us. She said she’ll try.

When I arrived in my room, I washed my face, hand, and hair with Holy Water from Fatima and prayed hard to all the Angels to protect me from evil or devils. I took a peek through the window; the English lady was there in the garden. By this time, I am now terrified as to what’s going to happen next. My imagination was going wild. I prayed to all angles for protection and kept a vigil that night.

The following day, I did not see her at the Church or the street until we left Garabandal.

When it comes to evil or devils, they are real. It takes many forms and tragedy. They are cunning. They will use real people. Just take a long hard look around you as to what is happening in the world.

Calling all Angels to guide and guard us!

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