Limb to Limb

Trees SketchI always consider myself as part of nature that some human beings overlook or forget. Nature is here first before Adam and Eve.

Where I live, orchard and big trees once grew, and I find myself in a pleasant neighborhood. A small house with three gigantic trees stood majestically that must have been planted centuries ago. The trees held their ground securely on the earth as if they are protecting the people who live in a tiny house. I’ve never seen the people who dwell in it.

Every time I walk pass by the trees, I touch them with affection. I stand in the middle of the two trees with my hands outstretched touching the trunk feeling and sensing how strong they are. Sometimes, in my head, I talk to the trees mentally showing my appreciation to them with gratitude for being there. I pretend the two are a couple, parents, lover, and friends. The one standing on the other side is their offspring.

Who knows and who cares if the people living in the house see me on their lawn hugging and dancing with the trees. I love these trees.

One day, I was on the other side of the street, on my way to catch the train. I saw an elderly couple, walking hand in hand. Whenever I see old folks still clinging to each other, I could feel their love for one another. There is no crosswalk in this busy street, and they were attempting to cross it. Gosh, I hate this, watching them walking ever so slowly and seeing that cars hardly stop for pedestrians. I waited for them to finally reach the safe grounds of where I stood.

The couple has glowing faces, and in my eyes, ancient as they are, they have this beautiful aura. I’ve never seen them before in my neighborhood. We exchanged pleasantries as we walked along. Before I reached my destination, I asked them where they live?

“We used to live where those big trees are.”

“So glad to finally have met you.”

And we said goodbye to one another as we went our own ways. When I turned back to see where they are heading, I don’t see them. Where did they go?

The old house is now gone, and so are the trees replaced by new townhouses. Up to this date, I wonder if the couple I saw is the spirits of the trees or ghosts of the house.

Wherever consciousness is, there are angels. ~ Findhorn Foundation

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