As it happened. Just saying.

With all that hype on Canada being the second country legalizing Cannabis, not much happened concerning people going on a rampage. Cannabis is no comparison to losing a significant hockey game. So, much ado about nothing.

On that day, Oct 17, the pilgrims came back safe and sound. It was my sister’s birthday. They are all back in time to vote for civic election.


Out in the valley, en route to Chilliwack, the scenery is bursting with vivid colors. Cruising along the highway, the smell of manure is intoxicating. This area is farmland mostly owned by First Nations. The indigenous people are joining the band to become a legal producer of cannabis. Another thing proposed large-scale cannabis grower is coming to this area. I wonder with these changes, will the smell of the atmosphere will changes as well?

The New Yorker on Cannabis

Meanwhile, The New Yorker did it again. Putting humor focus on Cannabis. Well, they picked the wrong nation. Canadians have a great sense of humor. Joss Montana  Joss Montana started a comment that started the ball rolling: “You definitely do not want to come to Canada. Freezing temps, snowed in roads, dog sled fights in the street, running out of wood for the wood cookstove. Definitely, not somewhere you would want to live.”

Thank you, Joss, for keeping Canada safe and giving me a good laugh.

It is good to note that the caricature has a wall. Canadians do not build walls; we build bridges.

But then I digress.

As it happened, Tapestry, a column of CBC asked a question on Facebook: “We asked, you answered: Are you staying in the Catholic Church?”

My comment: The scandal has nothing to do with my faith as a Catholic.

I received a reply from Myles Phillip Heneberry: “Then you’re just as sick as they are. Brainwashed too. Probably the stupidest comment was ever written in Facebook…and Trump has Facebook.” 

What can I say but with a simple response to him:  “I am sorry that you feel this way.”

In retrospect, the real question is: Are you going to remain faithful to God, as loyal as Jesus is when he was being condemned to die.

Just saying.

10 thoughts on “As it happened. Just saying.

    • Good word, Tina. Vitriolic … vit·ri·ol·ic
      filled with bitter criticism or malice. “vitriolic attacks on the politicians” synonyms: acrimonious, rancorous, bitter, caustic, mordant, acerbic, trenchant, virulent, spiteful, savage, venomous, poisonous, malicious, splenetic;

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