Meanwhile in Canada: The “Grass” is Greener Here.

Wild BunnyEffective today, Canada is now officially has gone to pot. We are now legally on business and on the market to sell and purchase Cannabis. No more prohibition. You may smoke a fag just like cigarettes in public.

How will this affect me? As for now, no skin off my nose. Grass or weeds are for bunnies. For those people who live on the other side of the border, hop on over and start weeding out in Vancouver or the nearest Canadian city to you.

Am I worried about second-hand smoke? Not really. I happen to enjoy a whiff of MJ, as I used to call it on my hay days. However, there is a slogan permeating the air heavier than oil, “No scent make sense.” Vancouverites get very offensive on second-hand smoke or smell. This will be very interesting to see how it will unfold and this what worries me. As for another negative backlash, I am sure our hippie prime minister has all the solutions in place. The news indicated that the president next door will fast track all workers from Canada to work in his country for the C industry. A lucrative business to pay for his billion $$$ federal deficit.

What you smoke in Canada, MUST stay in Canada. Should you smell as if you poured an Eau de Cannabis when crossing the border, beware of the border security. It is still an illegal substance in another country. The guards have K-9 noses. If you are guilty, they will put you in a secondary room. Who knows what they will do to you.

I have no word of advice for you since I am not a user.

I must admit, when I was younger in a company of an entertainment industry, there was a high expectation and joint effort to be “in.” A reef was passed around so that we get a buzz before going to a concert. We had front seats to see The Best Entertainer on Earth.  I was excited. I was wasted. I fell asleep. I have no memories of Michael Jackson.

Since I enjoy growing plants, maybe I will try cultivating it instead. I did “babysit’ this plant once before, and it’s was a beautiful plant. But first, I better check out with my master gardener and ask for permission.

4 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Canada: The “Grass” is Greener Here.

  1. I only tried it once and it made me paranoid, so that was that. I have read about the smoke(even though illegal still) causing problems in Brooklyn by going into other peoples’ apartments.

  2. Love the bunny. As I said before, my main concern is the developing brains of the children exposed to this element. And those children will be the future and I will not be here (fortunately) to see the future enfolds.

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