MeToo of a different kind

In the land of Goa, we visited a family friend who used to live in Canada and moved back to India when he retired from his job. He runs a family owned botanical garden and accommodation. The place is a paradise filled with different species of plants and birds.

When it comes to animals, I am more curious than plants, due to their personalities.  There are various birds in a cage. One cage took my fancy with two Parrots.

The owner introduced me to MeToo and PeToo.

Goa, India Birds - Meetoh


“Which one is male? Which one is female?”

“The one in the corner is the male.”

“How come it has no feathers?”

“Because he is being bullied by her.”

Goa, India Birds - PeeToh


This event happened in December 2014 and makes me think what is happening in the current MeToo movement in the human kingdom.

Such a complicated life we have.

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