Of Public Places and Spaces

Public arts abound on alleyways and bus boards in Vancouver.  Local painters and writers creative works are shared for the public to enjoy. It astounds me how much imagination a person has from painting to writing. Putting them together create a complete puzzle.

A Piece of My Heart

What will we remember of our times here
when shadows blossomed into grief,
where we couldn’t know just by looking
which stars were alive

which died centuries ago.

We’ll speak of the way we held
forgiveness in our pockets,
reached in and felt it there,
forgiveness ready in any moments
to be given and given away.

We’ll say how hard we tried.

How hard we tried to love.

~ in Atonement by Pamela Porter featured in Poetry in Transit

4 thoughts on “Of Public Places and Spaces

  1. This is a beautiful piece of work. I’m really enjoying all the art work you are sharing, and it’s inspiring me to visit Vancouver some day – it looks like an inspiring and interesting place to visit

    • Hi Marti, Thank you. Do come when you have a chance. It is really quite beautiful just walking around the old streets with murals. Vancouver has so many talented local artist. We have a comic shop just around the corner.

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