Pope's Nose

Gotta have a heart. Lots and lots of heart. The turkey is saved this year. No pope’s nose for me.

For the past years, I started a tradition with my neighbor to celebrate Thanksgiving, potluck style.  Since my next door friend has no family in Canada, except for her husband, we adopted each other as sisters. What’s another sister for me. No big deal since I already have six sisters.

We both cook up a storm. I cook the ham, she does the rest.

This year, I suggested if she doesn’t mind if we invite Peter.  Peter is another resident who lost his wife this year. The first year is always the hardest.

She and her husband are more than happy to have Peter to join us on this Thanksgiving day.

Needless to say, Peter is very happy.

It really doesn’t take too much to make someone’s life a little bit bearable.

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