Where is Thelma?

Finding Thelma is just like looking for Waldo. She is all over the map and too tiny to see. Tiny is an understatement. She could be standing in front of me and not see her within my eye level. I have to lower my sight to see her and not step on her. Small with a dynamic personality. Dynamite comes in small package. BOOM!

It’s so easy to pack her in a suitcase to take with us to Canada. But we didn’t. When we all came here, she was left behind because she is considered an adult. Mother can only bring her children that are still immature.

Thelma Siglos The Dawn

Recently, I was doing Swedish deep cleaning. I found a motherload that I packed with me. I hardly brought clothing with me when I came to Canada since it has a different temperate climate. Philippine clothing cannot keep us warm here. What I took along with me were newspaper clippings of The Dawn of the University of the East were I studied. An article about her. I’ve asked Thelma if she wants the item otherwise it will go to the bin for recycling. She doesn’t want them either. That was history,

History it is. Better put it in the vault. Here.

Thelma is the one in the middle. I remember from where I was standing; she stood there like an ant.

Thelma Siglos, The Dawn

Really, where is she? Today is her birthday.

We have this understanding, ever since we matured, that if it’s your birthday, do what you love to do. No parties. No gifts. Birthday parties and gift giving are for children. It is your responsibility to remind us that it’s your birthday.

She escaped again spending time somewhere in a convent for a silent retreat to rejuvenate. She could be a nun for the Sisters of the Cenacle, but God called her to be a servant leader. If she would have stayed at Cenacle, that would be interesting. I could see reformation in the making. She did not. She is one of those “out-of-order.”

Happy birthday, ‘Tey. Love and prayers. Lady.

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