A is for Angel. A tough act to follow.

1976 Angel

I could send him a birthday card today, but instead, I will feature him in Daily Inklings. Besides, the best way I could get his attention is on Facebook and sticking my head out from my balcony and see if he is on his porch as well. Yes, we live in the same complex. Too close for comfort but we live our separate lives.

His children adore him. They are proud of him not because of his accomplishment but how incredible a father he is to their life, what he does for others and the community. They looked up to him even he is shorter than his children. Everyone appreciates him, and he doesn’t ask anything in return.  Wicked sense of humor. He does everything wholeheartedly.

By trade, he was a photographer. His dream was “someday my prints will come true.” Well, they did. I could boast about the who’s who in his photo galleries but I will refrain. He turned photography as a hobby, worked for the City, retired at  55 and joined WFG for a whole new world of possibility.

It’s terrific to see him changed into living simply and helping others to gain their financial freedom.

Angel lives by his name. A tough act to follow.

Happy Birthday, Bro.

12 thoughts on “A is for Angel. A tough act to follow.

  1. My Angel- always there when I need
    any assistance- household chores; yard works; driver; financial; taxation; or a photographer for any special occasions for my children. Yup, a real Angel.
    Love you Bro’ and Happy Birthday ♥️🙏

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