Weather Talk

Can anyone please stop talking about the weather? It seems that it’s a favorite pastime among Canadians to discuss the weather. How’s the weather down there? It’s going to rain. It’s hot. Too much rain. Time to go home, it’s snowing. Good grief. Weather conversation is my pet peeve. Even the postage speaks of weather wonders in Canada.

Canada Postage

As postage, I don’t mind it at all to see the spectacular phenomena what weather does wonder. The striking photo of a waterspout, lenticular clouds, northern pillar lights and a moon halo.

Shame, I have to use them. Yes. I still write longhand. Surprise?


7 thoughts on “Weather Talk

  1. It’s fun talking about weather to a new Canadian resident. The first time they see the northern lights, or a sun dog, or the first time they experience -40 is quite interesting. They are like children discovering something amazing.

    • Good thinking. Candi. I do remember eating ice cream in Fall and the first time we have real snow in Vancouver. And having four seasons in one day in the middle of spring.

  2. Ah the weather – another thing us Melbournians have in common with Canadians. we love to talk (normally whinge) about the weather here. There is a song written by Crowded house called “Four seasons in one day”. I’m sure that living in Melbourne inspired them to write the song

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