Three … Two… One … PAINT!

A live painting battle kicked off the summer art festival at Deer Lake. Contestants are required to bring their paints and brushes.  In turn, they were given a blank canvas, two hours to finish their works and paint whatever they want. It’s a unique way for artists, painters, art lovers and community to come together. It’s a short time. Do they have something in mind already? I wonder.   As a watcher, it was mesmerizing to watch their brush strokes, a palette of colours,  and what pattern will appear on a blank canvas.

If I were to choose who would be the winner, I would pick them all. Who would you pick as the first, second and third place?

Blank Canvas

Starting point: Blank canvas painted with pale yellow as a base colour.




Canvas 11

Not only the winners received a cash prize, but all paintings were also auctioned off at the end of the event.

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