The Doctor is In

Like to write? An invitation from MDABC. So, I submitted a story. Little did I know that it will be published at WordPress. Thank you.



It’s so right that we need is a warm hug and a pet as a companion to soothe our delicate emotional disorder. This is my favorite clip of Peanuts.

When I was hospitalized due to major depressive disorder, the good doctor at Lions Gate Hospital brought pets to work, massive greyhound dogs. Four of them. They were therapy dogs.

I am not a pet person. Never been. Needless to say, I stayed away from the dogs.

For a person with a mental illness, I supposed it shows on my face and behavior even when I don’t talk about it.  A sensitive person however, may emphatically pick up on it.  A wise manager who lives next door to me in the complex mentioned that it would be good for me to have a cat. So I did.

Enter Maurice and Lucy.

Little did I know, these cats would have a…

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