It was a warm start of June. I was sweating and starving. My blood sugar is at the lowest. I need something quick to feed on before I pass out. The closest cooling place I could find is Starbucks at the corner of Granville and 7th West Avenue.

A new menu is on the board: Bacon and cheese quiche bit size. This will go down fast together with a strawberry frappucino. And I order these.

The barista suggested Seriously Strawberry Frappuccino. What fancy name for added flavor but without real strawberry.

Seriously Starbucks

My order arrived.

Seriously Strawberry Frappuccino, Bacon & Cheese Quiche, plastic fork/ knife/cup and straw. I took a good look at what’s in front of me and saw a challenge.

The challenge is how to take the frap and quiche without using the plastics.

Recently, Starbucks declared that in 2020, plastic straws will be eliminated. 2020 is a lifetime away.

Seriously Starbucks!

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