Cherish Every Day.

Thai Hero

Courtesy of BBC: Click on the photo to play the video

In other’s people’s eyes, he’s lovely.
For me, I love him so much.
I really loved him.

Every day before he left for work,
We said we love each other.
At midday, we’d text to see 
if the other had had lunch.
In the evening, when he got home
I would ask him how he was.

Saman once said
We never knew when we would die.
We can’t control that,
so we need to cherish every day.

If you ask me if I am sad,
it’s like I’ve died, but I’m still alive.
But I use pride to repress my sadness.

He’s been praised as a hero
because of who he was.
He loved helping others,
doing charity work and getting things done.

So I use pride to deal with my sorrow.

  • by Waleeporn Gunan, wife of Saman.

We can all rest now that all 12 Wild Boars and coach have been extracted from the cave from a daring Thai rescue. All are safe.”

In Memory of Saman Gunan


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